Plane reports flap failure for the second day in a row

Little Rock (KATV) - For the second day in a row, the Clinton National Airport experienced an emergency situation. A plane coming from Dallas-Fort Worth carrying 50 passengers landed safely after having a flap failure during landing. Jeremy Lashbrook, a pilot of 20 years, says that the flap is near the rear of the wing and is used to help slow the plane down and increase the drag to help the plane land. "I don't really think of a flap problem as being really severe at all" said Lashbrook. Lashbrook says that when most airplanes have landing gear issues, they have an emergency landing gear that will deploy. With flap issues, there isn't an emergency extension. "In an aircraft, if the flap doesn't extend for whatever reason, the airplane normally just needs to land with a faster speed on a longer runway" said Lashbrook, "so it's really not that big of deal at all". The same occurrence happened on Wednesday around the same time. Clinton National Airport Spokesman Shane Carter says the plane was a scheduled flight from Dallas to Little Rock with 46 people on board. The airport activated its emergency response after the pilot reported a flap failure on the aircraft. No injuries were reported. KATV reached out to the airline for further explanation on the flap failure and to see if it was the same plane, but they could not be reached.