Plenty of tickets as Hogs look for first win in more than two months

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- There will be a lot of searching going on Saturday when the Arkansas Razorbacks (3-7, 0-6) take on Mississippi State (4-6, 1-5) at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

Not only will the Hogs be in search of their first win since September 14, and first win in Southeastern Conference play, but War Memorial's ticket window is in search of fans.

Charlie Staggs with War Memorial Stadium reports it has only sold 600 of the 2,000 tickets it is allocated to sell from the University of Arkansas.

U of A spokesperson, Kevin Trainer, told Channel 7 Wednesday that it had 7,000 tickets in Fayetteville that have gone unsold so far.

Ticket sales are becoming so important for Little Rock games because of the uncertainty of the stadium's future to host Razorback football games past 2016, the last year of the current contract.

Making things even worse are online sells this week where tickets are going for as cheap as $20 on StubHub, and $40 on Ebay, which is quite the discount from a face value of $65.
Staggs has worked at War Memorial Stadium for nearly three decades now, and he said while ticket sales fluctuate from year-to-year based on success, it's now more important than ever.
"I think that they're looking at our tickets sales down here, and if we don't pick these things up I'm afraid that at the end of our contract in 2016 that it's going to hurt us," Staggs said while looking out at the field Wednesday.
"We just need to come out and support it if we want to keep the games here, I'm just saying let's get out and try to sell some tickets this year."
Arkansas' game Saturday against MSU will be show at 11:21 am on Channel 7.