Plumbers' busiest day of the year: Black Friday

It's not just retailers that see a boost in business on Black Friday.

Plumbers can't answer the phones quick enough, thanks to all that Thanksgiving food dumped down the drain. Sometimes it's just too much for a garbage disposal to handle.

Roto-Rooter had nearly 40 calls before noon Friday. That's double what they do on a typical day.

Though this will likely be the busiest day of their year, plumbers do have some advice for the remainder of your holiday entertaining season.

"Be a little careful in how they're utilizing garbage disposals when they're cooking and if they've had problems in the past with stoppages, maybe thinking about doing a little preventative maintenance before they have company so they don't get caught during the holiday," Roto-Rooter owner, Steve Hendershot said.

As you can imagine, kitchen sinks and main sewer lines are the most likely places to give you problems during the holidays.