Police arrest three prostitutes at a spa in Hot Springs

Hot Springs (KATV) - Hot Springs police are cracking down on what they're calling a prostitution problem. Undercover police were able to make three arrests in one day at an oriental spa in the historic district. Before it became an oriental spa, it was a gentleman's tanning salon, before that, it was a topless barber shop. That location on Olive Street has been on the Hot Springs Police radar for years. At 4:30 P.M. on Monday, an undercover police officer walked into the oriental spa requesting a massage. According to a police affidavit, he was taken into a back room by a woman who goes by the alias Jena. Her real name is Cierra Demers. The affidavit says the officer stopped Demers before she started any sexual favors. Then at 6:15 P.M., the report says a different undercover officer went into the spa and chose a 45 minute topless massage. Sharron King, who goes by the name Tori, told the officer she offers sex for $200. Again, the officer stopped King before anything happened. Finally, around 10 P.M., the affidavit shows the last undercover officer ordered a $200, 45 minute, topless massage from a woman by the name of Jesse; her real name is Tegan Cass, according to the affidavit. This time, the affidavit says once Cass started to perform sexual favors, the officer told her to stop and excused himself to the bathroom. The Hot Spring Police arrested the three girls for position, one for promoting prostitution. Lloyd Latham is a landlord for several apartment complexes one street over from the oriental spa. He says that prostitution used to be much worse. "When I first moved here this was a rougher neighborhood, but it's really cleaned up a lot" said Latham. "What they've got going on over there, is surprising to me." Hot Springs Police went back three times for proof, of what they call, an on-going criminal enterprise. KATV knocked on a locked door of the spa during normal business hours, no one answered. The bond for two of the girls was set at $750. Since Demers was the manager, her bond was set at $1750 for promoting prostitution. Hot Springs Police say all three have been released on bond. Police say while the spa is still open, they've been checking last names and ID's since Monday's arrests.