Police bust meth ring in Jefferson County

(KATV)-Redfield Police, working with Arkansas State Police and the DEA broke up a drug ring Wednesday, serving 20 arrest warrants.

The agencies worked together on foot and by air to capture the alleged drug traffickers. Redfield is a city of only 1,400 people, but Redfield Police Cheif Steve McFatridge says that doesn't mean alleged drug traffickers will get away with crime."Redfield is a good community, we don't need this here. And we are going to work hard to stop the drugs. I can tell you this much, this is round one of many rounds to come," McFatridge said.

Authorities say they were tipped off to a large drug problem in the city after a routine traffic stop.

"In August of 2012, from a traffic stop, we made a connection and from that point, we started making numerous buys regarding methamphetamines, the Arkansas State Police joined in with me at the time," McFatridge said.

Police say they made 37 purchases of meth, well over 200 grams, which totals almost $250,000 dollars.

"We're not going to put up with it. This is the thing, you look at these individuals, 20 of them. They know each other. They communicate better than the police does at certain times. So an operation like this shows them, hey we can come together and we can work together and we can put a stop to this," McFatridge said.