Police: Homicides on the rise from years past

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- In April of this year, 11 people died in Little Rock at the hands of someone else, and now that number stands at a total of 26.

Willow Creek Apartments was the scene of the latest shooting in Little Rock, adding to an already long list of homicide victims.

"The numbers are elevated this year compared to previous years. We had a very busy first part of the year, but hopefully this is the first one in about a month so hopefully that trend will continue," said Lieutenant Sidney Allen with LRPD.

In this case, busy can be defined by higher than average numbers.

According to LRPD, 25 homicides through May is the highest number in the past four years.

By taking a much closer look at this year's numbers, Little Rock went from one homicide in March, to a spike of 11 in April and back to just four in May and thus far in June, combined.

Police are unsure why the homicide trend is taking a roller coaster approach.

"Most of those were acquaintances of each other so there's really no way to predict what they're going to do," Allen added. There's no way that we can formulate a strategy to say there's going to be a domestic disturbance here at this location, and we need to be there."

Even with homicides on the rise, LRPD said the number of home break-ins and theft is actually down in comparison to years past.