Police investigating if triple shooting is gang related

(KATV)-Little Rock Police are investigating a shooting that happened Tuesday night at a liquor store on Colonel Glenn Road. The shooting left three people wounded, but all three men are in stable condition. "Right now, the victims did not who the shooter was. They could not give a physical description, could not give a name. So the only thing we have to go by is the independent witnesses information," said Lt. Sidney Allen of the Little Rock Police Department. According to a police report a witness told police that one of the victims is a member of the "blood" gang and knew that one of the suspects that shot the victim is a member of the "Crips" gang. Police say they aren't sure if it's related to gang activity. "The investigators are looking into that possibility, but there were no indicators, there were no self admittal, there are no records that indicate that any of our victims are affiliated with gangs," Allen said. Leifel Jackson, a former Crips leader in the 1990's featured on the HBO documentary "Gang Wars: Banging in Little Rock," now works to keep kids off the streets. His program Reaching Our Children and Neighborhoods, gives kids a safe alternative. Gang activity decreased after the 90's, but 20 years later, he sees it increasing. "Well I'm thinking so," Jackson said. "I'm seeing a lot more activity, but here's the difference from back in the days, back in the days, we didn't have the remedy, today we have the remedy. We know we've got to make sure these kids have a place to go in the evening."