Police need help identifying Alexander criminals

ALEXANDER (KATV) - What started as vandals smashing in the rear right window of a car - quickly turned to the largest theft ring Horace Walters has encountered in his time as chief of police in Alexander.

"It's obvious to us that they broke into the lady's car and took the lady's purse. They took two credit cards and have gone to two different Walmarts," said Chief Walters.

In those Walmarts the thieves racked up receipt after receipt purchasing ten $250 gift cards and some diapers. The thieves made the purchases quickly to beat the credit company's warning.

"They were done in three minute intervals," said Chief Walters.

Each purchase small enough to avoid suspicion at the superstore.

"Anything over $250 it causes an alarm to go off in Walmart stores," said Chief Walters.

They then went to a different Walmart trading the cards in for cash. The chief believes this is probably not the first time these men have committed a similar crime.

"Right now, we have a total of five suspects we're looking for. Someone knows who these people are," said Walters. "I want them arrested because we just don't have in Alexander. This is the largest theft case I've had, and I have been here since 2010. This is unusual."

If you have any information or can identify the men, call the Alexander Police Department at 501-455-2585.