Police Officer Accused of Sexual Solicitation With a Child

Conway, Arkansas (KATV)

Josh George was chatting online with what he thought was a mom.

He was allegedly asking her for sexual favors from a 12 and 9 year old.

That family he thought he was chatting with was a full-time undercover investigator with the Faulkner County Sheriff's office.

Authorities say he asked the mom and her kids to meet at a Conway grocery store around 4:30 yesterday afternoon.

When he showed up, he was immediately arrested.

Since Josh George was once a sheriff's deputy, Faulkner County authorities assumed he was armed, and he was. Police took him to the ground causing him to cut his head.{}

He did not resist arrest.

Chief Deputy Matt Rice tells KATV that George was the one who started the online conversation with the mother.

And that George was a good deputy with a private life that no one knew about.

"You never know inside someone's house what they're doing" Said Chief Deputy Rice, "he's worked for 3 different agencies, and no one has picked up on this. You can't pick up on something like this. They're not going to tell you about it."

Back in 2007 George was a deputy with Faulkner County, but was fired in 2013 for falsifying a police report.

He was then re-hired as a corrections officer in Guy, Arkansas.

George remains in the Faulkner County Jail Friday with no bail pending.

An Initial court appearance is set for Monday.