UPDATE: Police confirm dogs cause Jefferson Co. death

Investigators confirm a Jefferson County woman's death was caused when her own pets attacked.

Authorities say the animals turned on one of their owners, 45-year-old Deborah Renee Wilson, on NCTR Road near U.S. 365.

Major Lafayette Woods Jr. said it was in that home that he saw a first in his eight year career.

"It was a gruesome scene. There was a substantial amount of blood at the scene, also damage to the body that we believe came as a result of the dogs attacking," he said.

Wilson is believed to have been attacked by two pit bulls in a home she shared with her husband, according to police.

The man who claimed to be her husband came home after visiting a neighbor's house and found the animals tearing into Wilson's body, that's when he called 911.

"He attempted to render aid to her and was prevented from getting in the home, they turned on him," Woods Jr. added.

Authorities say no foul play appears to be involved, but they did learn one startling thing during their investigation.

"It is our understanding from talking to him that she was attacked sometime ago by the same animals," Woods Jr. continued.

"As a result of it (she was) actually taken to the ER. We're not sure how substantial her damage was or her injuries were at that time, but we did learn from him that these dogs have attacked her in the past."

Animal control officers from Pine Bluff responded to the call and tried to catch both animals.

One was killed on the scene after continuing its wild act, but the other was caught and is now in custody of animal control

There is no vicious animal ordinance in Jefferson County, and says it will look into whether to pursue charges going forward after an official cause of death is determined.