Conway stabbing suspect tased, shot by police

CONWAY (KATV) - Four Conway police officers were put on emergency leave Sunday afternoon after a man was tased and shot by officers.

It happened earlier at a Conway apartment after what police say was an altercation between two roommates.

"All of a sudden I heard someone screaming put the knife down, put the knife down," said Courtney Sullin, a resident at Plaza Pointe Apartments, where this incident happened.

It was a terrifying scene witnesses say met police as they arrived responding to a call from a neighbor about an altercation.

"I ran to the window and that's when I saw a guy holding a knife and then cops shooting at him," said Sullin.

Officials say there was an altercation between two roommates at Plaza Pointe Apartments in Conway when for some reason things turned violent at one stabbed the other. Police arrived on scene to a man outside with a knife in hand.

"They continued to talk to this person and ask that he put down the knife, put down the weapon down," said LaTresha Woodruff, Spokesperson for the Conway Police Department. "The person still would not put down the weapon," she said.

After several demands to put down the knife down, police tased the suspect but it did nothing.

"It did not have any effect on this person," said Woodruff. "This person lunged toward one of the officers with the knife in hand and at that point our officers, who were out here, fired the weapon," said Woodruff.

Neighbors watched in horror as the man fell to the ground after police shot him.

"I just had no idea what was going on it was scary," said Sullin.

The man was later airlifted to Baptist Health Hospital. Police say it's not an incident this neighborhood or even the city sees often.

"This is very unusual and it's scary," said Sullin.

***Original Story***

A suspect accused of stabbing a man was shot by authorities, according to Conway police.

It happened Sunday on the 2400 block of Market Plaza Drive at Plaza Pointe Apartments.

Conway police spokesperson LaTresha Woodruff said officers were called to the scene just before 2:00 p.m. in reference to an altercation between two men.

Woodruff said police initially tased the suspect after ordering him to put down a knife.

Woodruff said the suspect subsequently charged officers who were forced to fire their weapons at him.

One occupant in the apartment suffered a stab wound, according to Woodruff.

The suspect's condition is unknown.

Channel 7 has a crew on the way and will have more information in a live report at 5.