Police still searching for Garland County murder suspect

(KATV)- Garland County Sheriff's Office is still searching for a suspect they say killed Mayela Mata, 26, on Wednesday and shot two others, including her 20-month old baby and a male.{}Witnesses say a masked man was seen going into her apartment with guns in each hand and began firing shots. Police have a murder and burglary warrant out for Steven Swanigan, 30.{}Swaningan's family told Channel 7 News they hope he does turn himself in whether he is guilty or innocent."This is not his character to have done something like this so we want to find out what happened and we want him to come home, or come forward to the authorities," said Jacquline Johnson, Swanigan's mother.Swanigan's family says he does have a criminal past of burglary, but that he was trying to turn his life around."He does have a criminal past, but he has been rehabilitated and has been doing fine and has changed his life around and we are here to support him and he needs to come forward and get to the bottom of what has happened," Johnson said.Police were able to trace Swanigan to a Conway motel over the weekend, but he got away. Swanigan's family says they do not know why he would have gone to Conway.{}Police are offering a $1,000 reward for information.