Police still searching for suspects in Bryant home invasion

BRYANT (KATV) - Police are still on the lookout for three black males who they say walked into a couple's home and held them at gunpoint on Wednesday. Authorities said although home invasions in Bryant are rare, this isn't the first time it's happened in this neighborhood.

The Frosty Treats ice cream truck rolled down Center Street on Friday - the same street authorities say Wednesday's home invasion occurred on.

"It's really quiet. The kids are really polite," commented Deborah Brown, the "ice cream lady".

But Brown said things look at little different this week.

"Normally when I come through here the children are out playing," said Brown. "I have noticed the past few days, less kids have been out."

Brown added if kids are coming out to buy ice cream from her, generally they are not coming out with parents in tow.

Hazel Gilson, 74, though it was neighborhood kids that had come to play in her yard on Wednesday. Neighbors said Gilson's house is known as a kid hangout in the area.

So when the three males knocked on her front door, she told them to come around back since the door was unlocked. Gilson was in her kitchen canning home-grown vegetables, but when she turned around she had a gun to her face. She told authorities the men had pistol whipped her and then forced her and her husband into the back bedroom. They were told to stay in the bathroom while the men ransacked the house looking for guns.

"It's scary for everyone in the whole neighborhood," said Sgt. Todd Crowson, public information officer for Bryant Police.

The situation is especially scary since it had happened before in that same neighborhood. In November 2013 it happened to June Dennis, 82 - she was out in her yard when two men approached.

"He just looked like a kid to me and I trusted him and I thought he was telling me the truth," said Dennis in an interview with KATV last year.

Authorities say they don't believe the two instances are connected, but patrol has been beefed up in the area. Police say it's just another warning to be more aware.

"I'm not saying that every person that comes to your door is going to be a bad guy," said Crowson. "But if it's something suspicious, nothing says you have to open your door."

Crowson said detectives are working several leads but are still looking for the public's help. If you have any information, you're urged to call Bryant Police at (501) 943-0943.