Police: Teen fatally stabs mom's ex-boyfriend

(KATV) A man stabbed todeath in Little Rock early Thursday morning; police say the killer is a 15-yearoldgirl, who says she was acting in defense of her mother. The stabbing happenedat a home on Labette drive.

A man has been stabbed to death; policesay the suspect is a 15-year old girl. The man was killed early Thursday morningat a Little Rock home on Labette Drive.

There is another victim. The mother ofthe 15 year old was allegedly being physically assaulted by her ex-boyfriend,44-year old Darrell Winfrey. The teenager told police she just wanted to scarehim so he'd leave her mom alone; whether she is also a victim will be up to theprosecuting attorney.

The crime scene tape has been removedand the teen girl's family has returned to the home they once shared with thenow deceased man.

When police arrived after midnight Thursdaymorning, they noticed a bloody shirt lying in the yard and tracked blood fromthe pavement to the door.

Witnesses told police the woman waspulled from the home by Darrell Winfrey who she broke up with a day earlier. Hereportedly threw her in the yard and started punching and slapping her.

Lt. Terry Hastings says, "She wasphysically injured, from the assault."

The girl told police she grabbed aknife and went outside only to scare Winfrey so he'd stop hurting her mom. Lt.Hastings adds, "But that didn't work and that's when she stabbed him."

Winfrey was stabbed in the neck andwas transported less than a mile to Baptist Hospital. "He died a short timelater," Lt. Hastings says.

Officers were able to recover the redkitchen knife next to a bathroom sink, still coated in blood. Hastings says thefamily has a history of domestic violence. "She came to the rescue of hermother and that was a very noble thing to do but she's going to be facing thefact that she did kill somebody."

Three kids were inside the house.

The 15 year old girl has not beenarrested. Police have not handed their findings over to the Prosecuting Attorney'soffice for them to make the decision on whether to charge her.

Little Rock police only have access totheir city records. Lt. Hastings says in the city, Winfrey has been arrestedfor endangering the welfare of a minor, public intoxication and possession ofdrugs.

The girl has not been identified because of her age.