Policy Perturbs Pet Owner


When you own a dog and want to rent a place to live, it limits your options.

Rick Riley knows that.

That's why he looks for properties that take pets and does not waste time applying at places that don't.

One recent application turned out to be a waste of not only his time...but also his money.

Riley listed his dog on his rental application...even added the breed and weight...and included a photo.

His application was approved.

A hold fee was collected.

And then things changed.

Riley doesn't have any children. He says his dog Sakari is like a child to him.

That is why the option presented by the company marketing a property he was interested in renting was so distasteful.

"They told me we have a problem," says Riley. "The owner changed his mind. He doesn't want that big of a dog. I asked them well what can I do now? They said you can either still take the apartment or you can get rid of your dog."

Riley says the online listing for the property at 122 vernon avenue in Little

Rock said that pets may be allowed if requirements are met.

Riley says he met those requirements, had his application accepted and paid a $510.00 deposit.

Two days later he was told his dog was not welcome.

"I asked them if I could get my money back," recalls Riley. "They said signed a hold agreement that said you weren't going to have a dog. I mentioned to them,'s on my application. They said well...unfortunately you're only going to get half of your money back. I didn't do anything wrong. You know I wanted to sign the apartment. I really liked the apartment. Everything was nice inside. I wanted to sign the lease. They just told me I couldn't."

County records show the owner of this property as Stacey and Geoffrey Quo.

We haven't been able to reach the Quos to ask if they are aware that Fletcher Property Management collected and kept half of a deposit from Mr. Riley.

Riley has received a check from Fletcher Property Management but hasn't cashed it because he doesn't agree with the amount of the refund.

Air date: November 27th, 2013

(NOTE: After the 6:00 news Mr. Quo did call in response to a note that had been left at his home. Mr. Quo had no idea that this had occurred, says he had expressed to Fletcher Property Management from the beginning that he did not want pets in this rental property so did not change his mind on any matter and doesn't understand why Mr. Riley's application was accepted in the first place. Mr. Quo says he feels sorry for Mr. Riley and plans to call Betty Fletcher with Fletcher Property Management after the holidays and discuss the situation further).