Political ad upsets both Clark County Sheriff candidates

Clark County (KATV) -The Clark County Sheriff's race hasn't been a friendly one. Friends of the incumbent Clark County Sheriff paid for an ad in a newspaper criticizing his opponent for helping storm victims. Jason Watson has been the Clark County Sheriff for two terms, and Tuesday he's hoping to start a third. The only person who stands in his way is Johnny Whittle. Whittle has been with the Arkadelphia Police department for 17 years and has his sights set to lower the crime rate in Clark County by being elected Sheriff. Earlier in May, the Standard newspaper ran a political ad of John Whittle arm and arm with members of a mission group who volunteered in Whittle's hometown of Mayflower helping storm victims. The bottom of the ad reads it was paid for by the friends of Sheriff Jason Watson. John Whittle says that the picture was taken in Arkadelphia, not in Mayflower. "Whoever paid for the ad, I would make sure they step forward and take responsibility." Said Johnny Whittle when asked about how he felt seeing the political ad. KATV reached out to Jason Watson who declined an on-camera interview but did release the following statement. "I've observed the ad. I had no knowledge of this, I did not advocate it and I'm disappointed that anyone would run an ad like that. It absolutely doesn't express my point of view or those of the majority of people in Clark County. In fact I personally stayed in contact with law enforcement administrations in those areas and I also sent officers and resources from Clark County to immediately assist those in need. I am not interested in responding to any other personal allegations or innuendos; or otherwise engaging in personal attacks. However, I have invited my opponent to debate the issues of this race and the work of my office and stand ready to debate those meaningful issues at any time or place." Whittle mentioned, he would decline a debate having that early voting has already stated.