Political Mailer Sparks Controversy

Saturday morning a lot of folks found controversy sitting inside their mailbox. A political ad sent out by candidate for state auditor Ken Yang portrays his Republican primary opponent Representative Andrea Lea laying on the floor by the capitol steps. It characterizes her as 'odd' and not serious about her job. According to Lea and others, Lea had tripped and played off the fall by posing when someone decided to snap the picture.Tuesday, Senator Bart Hester had this to say about the piece, "I am disappointed in the mailer designed and distributed by the Yang campaign that personally attacked Representative Andrea Lea. The misrepresentations, by the Yang campaign, about Representative Lea are not becoming of someone that aspires to be an elected official. I have worked along side Representative Andrea Lea and I personally find her to be professional and well respected among her piers. Andrea Lea has my vote for State Auditor."Melonaie Gullick, President of the Arkansas Federation of Republican Women also questioned Yang's decision."Personally, I would say that's not a fitting way to represent any woman whether that's Republican, Democrat or Independent. There was a photo of Ken. It was a very professional photo, and so I think if you want to show a photo of someone else, you would want to do it on equal grounds," said Gullick.Despite the social media controversy Yang says he stands behind the mailer and many voters do too."It's been very positive. You're reaching over 100,00 plus voters and people have contacted us. We've gotten many new donors of people that we never have talked to before," said Yang.As far as the characterization that the ad is disparaging toward women, Yang says he sees it more as a matter of professionalism."There's nothing sexist about the piece. There are no words on there that even remotely talk about sexism. It's about being professional," said Yang.
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