Pope County man remains missing after running from police

POPE COUNTY (KATV) -- After fleeing during a routine traffic stop into the Arkansas River, a Pope County man still hasn't been found.

Michael Shane Caldwell hasn't been seen since late Monday night on January 13, when he and two males fled their vehicle while an officer was trying to pull it over.

The other two men came back to vehicle after hiding and were arrested, but the other suspect, Caldwell, still hasn't been found.

One of the men who fled, said he last saw Caldwell trying to swim across the river to get away from police.

It's not clear right now why the men tried to get away from police, but Tuesday his wife told Channel Seven that she didn't know he went into the water until five days after he was missing.

She then filed a missing person report, and that's when police finally started searching the river to potentially find Caldwell's body.

Before then family and volunteers searching the river and banks for any signs of Caldwell.

"It was about one o'clock in the morning so he watched him until he couldn't see him anymore, and then he waded out," Courtney Caldwell said, relaying what one of the other suspects told her. "From what he said, he came back out of the river six or seven o'clock the next morning."

Over the weekend, an Arkansas State Police helicopter, dive units and other agencies used manpower to scour the Arkansas River banks for the missing man.

According to the Pope County Sheriff's Office it did not search the river Tuesday morning because of a wind advisory, but it sent a boat out on the river during the afternoon to continue searching for Caldwell.

Courtney Caldwell said a volunteer search crew located a hoodie that her husband was wearing the nigh he went missing. It was found hanging on a limb about a mile down the river.

If you have seen or know where Michael Shane Caldwell may be, you're asked to contact the Pope County Sheriff's Office at (479) 968-2558.