Possible Perjury?

The possibility of more legal trouble for Martha Shoffner is about to be debated.

The former state treasurer already faces 14 federal charges.

Could a charge of perjury be in her future?

A handful of legislators make up the Executive Committee of the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee.

Several hours of testimony from last fall has been transcribed for their review.

What will they be looking for?

Possible perjury.

A whole lot has happened since former State Treasurer Martha Shoffner testified before a legislative audit committee back on September 19th.

And a lot was said on that day...and said under oath.

The question now is...was all of what was said truthful?

"Well I think when she (Shoffner) was asked about...was there was anything basically criminal that went on and she said no...I think that is definitely a red flag," says State Senator Bryan King of Green Forest. King chairs the audit committee. "But you know there is just some testimony...and we're reviewing it...and I think there is going to be more questions asked about it."

"Mr. Chairman...I'm going to have to ask if I'm going to be protected under the Whistle Blower Act at this time?" Those were the words of Autumn Sanson back in September. Sanson is an employee with the Treasurers office and was being questioned by the Audit Committee.

The September hearing also raised questions about the protections offered to whistle blowers.

Friday lawmakers will also hear testimony from a state employee who was fired after alerting his superiors to a problem.

The Arkansas Supreme Court ultimately decided in favor of this whistle blower, costing the state over $100,000.

"There are several of us that want to know why did we go after somebody that went through the process and there needs to be answers about why did we go after this guy when he definitely did the right thing and was courageous and stood up and did what's right," says Senator King.

That meeting will start at 9:00 tomorrow morning.

Also on the reviews of seven school districts, three counties, several cities and details of about $160,000 dollars missing from the Lafayette County collector's office.

Air date: June 6th, 2013