Possible police impersonator in Benton

Benton (KATV) - Benton Police looking for a man they say is pretending to be a police officer. The police report said she was pulled over at Jackman and Airlane around on Sunday night. According to the woman who was pulled over, a man with just a blue light and an unmarked car claiming he was an undercover police officer pulled her over for a tail light being out. Police describe the fake officer as a white male, approximately 30 year old with a southern accent. They say he asked for her license and registration without identifying himself. That's when the woman says she started to feel uncomfortable and told the man she was going to drive to a well lit gas station. The fake police officer got back into his car and drove off. Benton police called other departments on Monday to see if they pulled over the woman and found out they didn't. Benton police say if you feel you are being pulled over by a fake police officer you can call 911. Dispatch officers will tell you if you're actually being pulled over. Look for more than just one blue light in the dash, most police vehicles have lights in other places than just the dash. And if you don't have a phone, you can proceed slowly to the nearest safe place, like a grocery store or gas station. The suspect is still at large, but Benton Police say if facts lead to an arrest, he'll be charged with 1st degree criminal impersonation, a class D felony.