Postal Service to stop Saturday mail delivery

The U.S. Postal Service will no longer deliver mail on Saturdays, starting in August.
The financially struggling agency hopes not delivering mail on Saturdays will save $2 billion annually following its default last summer on an estimated $11 billion debt.
Packages will still be delivered Monday through Saturday.
Mail will be delivered to P.O. Boxes on Saturdays.
Also, post office branches open on Saturdays for retail window service will still be open.
Arkansas Postal Service spokesperson Leisa Tolliver-Gay said the changes will not cause layoffs locally.
"We've been very responsible through the changes in getting people in other positions and as locally as possible in those positions," Tolliver-Gay said.
Mail delivery workers are paid hourly, according to Tolliver-Gay, so there is a possibility they could lose some pay from not working Saturdays.
More likely, their five-day shifts will be adjusted to work Monday through Friday.
The Postal Service plans to release a revised five-year financial plan next month that will outline additional ways to reduce cost.