Power Payment Problem

Most of us see our electric bill spike during the summer. But one Hot Springs family got quite a shock when they received a bill six times greater than what they were expecting.

Steve Little is living out of state and is for the most part out of the lives of his daughter and ex-wife...with one major exception: his unpaid electric bills.

This home in Hot Springs was visited by an Entergy employee Tuesday who shared some sobering news.

"They're turning my lights off," says Marci York. "If I don't pay $1,824.54. Today."

In May York's electric bill was $327.00.

The next month, it jumped to over $2,000.00.

When York called for an explanation, she was told unpaid bills left by Steve Little had been transferred to her account.

"He is my ex-husband," says Jan Jones. "And we went through the courts and he was ordered to pay all the utility bills. His utility bills."

Jones showed us the court order she says she tried to show Entergy.

And York showed us proof that she moved out of an apartment January 1st even though she was being asked to pay the electric bill at the address for January and February.

"My church has given me money," says York. "And a dear friend of mine who has really stepped up to the plate...she left me a check, she went out of town, and she said here...whatever you need over that. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to use other people's money to pay this bill because I do not owe this bill. I do not owe it. I want to pay my bill...and I can't even do that."

"They just attached his bills...because they can't find him...he's in Texas," offers Jones. "They just attached his bills to her."

We first brought this situation to Entergy's attention in late July.

Late this afternoon we received a call from an Entergy spokesman who told us there would be a happy ending.

An apology has been made, all past debts and delinquencies have been removed, and the disconnect notice has been canceled.

Air date: August 13th, 2013