Power Restored at Humane Society Shelter

(KATV) The Humane Society of Pulaski County joined the tens of thousands without power on Christmas Day. Friday night their power returned, but with trees still snapping, Kay Simpson says they are not out of the woods yet.

These are some of the cold puppies that survived the storm because of employees and volunteers who stayed round the clock, feeding and keeping them warm for four very long days and nights in the dark.

Kay Simpson explains, "We of course were not expecting this bad of storm, nobody was. We had bedding put back for three days emergency and with nursing mothers we have 400 animals."

After several days without phones or internet, staff was able to reach out for emergency donations. And the outpouring of kindness has not stopped. People have arrived, willing to foster animals. The pile of blankets, food, even toys, keeps growing. {}The Humane Society has even gained volunteers to warm those cold noses.

Simpson adds, "It's just overwhelming when you know they're throw aways, they've been injured, neglected abused, and it's cold and all you can do is make sure they have a warm bed. The impact is so bad, you feel so bad you can't give more to them."

Simpson has been brought to tears by the love of the animals have received. "It's truly amazing how people have rallied. There is nothing better than people who love animals, those people always support when you get in a bad jam."

Thanks to donations of portable heaters and generators, they'll be slightly ahead of the next power outage. To find out how you can help, click here.

A Facebook post "The power at the shelter came back on this evening! We had a wonderful day thanks to the power of the media! We received several donations of heaters, bedding, food and money. Seven generators were either loaned or donated which made the day much more comfortable. We're not out of the woods as we are in the middle of winter and the potential of more bad weather is ahead and our need for bedding, food and money will continue. However, we were reminded the past few days that angels do walk the earth in mortal form. We met them!{} Thanks for helping again, Debbie"

If you would like to help with financial donations, log on to the shelter's website at{}