Prescription Problem


The convenience of mail order medicine comes with a catch: it's not as easy to refuse it if you don't want it or don't need it.

When a doctor calls in a prescription to a pharmacy and it is never picked up, eventually the medicine is returned to the supply chain. But with medicine shipped through the mail it doesn't work that easily, as Jacksonville's Brenda Parker found out.

Parker takes medicine for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and for her heart.

Most of her medicine is picked up at her local pharmacy, but some she has to have sent mail order.

"The company I use will not allow me to let Kroger fill anything for 90 days so I have to go to mail order," says Parker.

When her doctor changed her blood pressure medication, Brenda called to cancel her automatic refill.

She was told it was already in the mail. So she waited for her mailman and had it returned to sender without opening it.

The next thing she got was a bill for the medicine she didn't order, didn't need and didn't open. the company told her too refunds, no returns, and no more medicine until she pays the bill. so she called Seven-On-Your-Side.

"Well I called them back...still the same answer," says Parker. "You gotta pay for it. So I said OK look...Seven On My Side is coming out. And they're gonna talk to me on TV tonight about you. And he told me to hold on. Took him about 15 minutes and he said hold on...I'm still talking to my manager. He finally come back and said well we're going to give you a one-time courtesy...we gonna write it off this time."

The company involved in this case took care of Ms. Parker so she didn't want to name names...but she did want to help raise awareness of this potential problem.

Air date: November 4th, 2013