President Clinton stops in Hot Springs, campaigning for James Lee Witt

HOT SPRINGS (KATV)--A familiarface to the nation and especially Arkansans makes a stop in Hot Springs. President Bill Clinton stopped at the Arlington Hotel campaigning for DemocratJames Lee Witt.

Witt is running for the 4th District Congressional seat.

Witt grew upin Dardanelle, Arkansas in the 4th District, and he spoke of hischildhood.Witt said, he knows what the 4th District needs.

Honest, integrityand responsibility, three traits former FEMA Director James Lee Witt said hisparents taught him.

"I'm runningbecause I believe those responsibilities should be engrained in each one of usand I think one voice, one person can make a difference in someone's life,someone's community and our country," said Witt.

President Clinton,former Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta and Witt spoke to supporters regardingthe greatest challenges the 4th District faces.

"If you drive through Pine Bluff, Arkansas,down Main Street, you drive through Fordyce, you drive through some of thesecommunities, you can see and understand why we need jobs and economicdevelopment jobs training and education it's very important," added Witt.

Witt alsothanked President Clinton for making a difference in his life and many people'slives throughout the nation. {}Shortlyafter, the headliner spoke.

{}"Never left the farm he grew up on, instead hebought it, still works it, still goes to church at the place he was baptizedin, he has deep roots in this district," said President Clinton.

Aftertelling supports why Witt should hold the next 4th DistrictCongressional seat, President Clinton addressed balancing the nation's budget.

{}"You've got to control spending, if you decideto spend the money you've got to raise it, got to have enough revenues to coverwhat you decide to spend, and you have to have some economic growth to drivethe debt down," added President Clinton.

President Clinton is expected to attend Democrat Patrick Hays' fundraiserin North Little Rock on Sunday. {}Hays isrunning for the U.S. Representative 2nd Congressional District seat.