President Clinton to speak at Greers Ferry Dam 50th Anniversary

HEBER SPRINGS (KATV) - Thursday marks 50 years since President John F. Kennedy dedicated the Greers Ferry Dam. To mark the anniversary, there will be special guests at the ceremony, including Former President Bill Clinton.

The gates open at 9:30 and the events kick off at 11:30. It is open to the public at Greers Ferry Dam, about three miles north of Heber Springs.

The dedication 50 years ago was significant. It was one of President Kennedy's last public appearances before his assassination.

JFK landed in Heber Springs on October 3, 1963. As the crowd awaited his arrival, he was driven over the 1,704 foot long Greers Ferry Dam. It stands 234 feet high.

The $46.5 million project was constructed on the Little Red River between 1959 and 1962 for flood control. It also serves as a hydroelectric power plant and a municipal water supply.

Greers Ferry Lake is the reservoir formed by the dam. It stretches roughly 340 miles; enjoyed by millions of people each year.

50 years later, October 3, 2013, is expected to be a similar scene. In fact, Former President Bill Clinton will speak from the same podium President Kennedy stood at.

In his speech, President Kennedy said, "I know that 10 years from now, if we come back again, flying as we did over the land that we will see an even richer State, and I think you can take pride and satisfaction in what you have done"

The event will take place at JFK Overlook. You are encouraged to take lawn chairs and Southwestern Energy will provide water.

Visitors will be able to tour educational displays and listen to entertainment from the 106th Army Band.

Stay with and Channel 7 News for LIVE coverage of the events on JFK Overlook.

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