Proof of Innocence


A Little Rock man is wrapping up his sixth week in a Louisiana jail cell.

His family says he is a victim of identity theft.

If it sounds like a story you have heard have.

Last summer a Little Rock man was sent to a Louisiana jail after a traffic stop showed he had warrants in several states.

Someone was committing crimes while pretending to be him.

Seven-On-Your-Side got involved and helped get him freed. appears the same thing has happened again to somebody else.

Bryant Davis Sr. and his daughter Mieranda say their son and brother had never been to Louisiana before.

But he has now been jailed there since September 12th.

"Mentally it is tough for him," says Bryant Davis Sr. "I can hear in his voice that it is getting to him. But I assured him that we are doing everything that we can possibly do here in Little Rock for him."

26 year-old Bryant Davis Jr. was stopped by State Police on September 6th because the car he was driving looked like one just stolen in a car-jacking.

It wasn't, but when the trooper entered Davis' information two warrants out of Bastrop, Louisiana popped for bank fraud and the other for conspiracy to commit.

So Davis was held, extradited...and has been jailed in Louisiana ever since.

In September of 2012 Hequeena Jones...who has lived in Little Rock and Hot Springs...cashed a phony payroll check at Super Foods in Bastrop.

She was caught, charged and is paying restitution.

There were two others who did the same...and one of them claimed to be Bryant Davis Jr.

"Why do you think it has been so tough convincing the folks down in Louisiana that he is innocent?"

"That's a good question," says Davis Sr. "That's a very good question. Because if you have got video...produce the video and I'm 100 percent that he's not going to be on that video. That should clear it up."

We've tried unsuccessfully to reach officials in Morehouse Parish to ask about the incarceration of Mr. Davis. And the public defender...Mr. Davis' main advocate...refused to discuss the case.

The one person who was willing to talk about the case today was Mike Woods, manager of Bastrop Super Foods.

We emailed him the mug shot photo of Bryant Davis Jr taken by the Pulaski County Jail.

He looked at it and called back to say that the man in his store surveillance video is definitely not the man currently jailed for the crime, Bryant Davis Jr.

Air date: October 22nd, 2013