Proposed sales tax increase in Benton

BENTON (KATV) - A proposed increase in sales tax in Benton will be voted on Nov. 12. The proposal would increase taxes in Benton 1.5 percent.

The increase wouldn't go into effect until 2017, and would replace a tax set to expire in 2016. If voted down, the tax could actually decrease in Benton.

But it's Bryant, not Benton, which has the highest sales tax in Saline County and has the tenth highest sales tax in the state.

Many Bryant shoppers flock to Benton for major purchases, where the tax rate is only 8 percent. KATV found a TV at Walmart in Bryant for 628.00. The sales tax is 59.66, bringing the total to 687.66. The same TV at the Benton Walmart would only have 50.20 in sales tax, bringing the total of the TV to 678.24, almost $10 dollars in savings in sales tax.

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