Prosecutor: Ark. police justified in shooting man

PARAGOULD (AP) - A prosecutor says two police officers were justified in fatally shooting a man wielding a butcher knife in northeast Arkansas.

Paragould Police Cpl. Jason Boling and Cpl. Max Adams shot and killed 37-year-old Timmy Myrick on Oct. 3 after Myrick reportedly came at police with the knife.

Prosecutor Scott Ellington said in a letter to state police Tuesday that he won't file any criminal charges against the officers.

The shooting happened after police responded to a request for backup following a reported disturbance.

Ellington said police retreated and told Myrick to drop the knife, but Myrick didn't listen. At one point, Boling tripped and fell, and witnesses said Myrick got close to him.

Boling fired two shots and Adams fired one. All three shots hit Myrick, and Myrick died.

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