Prosecutors: Mechanic Shot Customer

Little Rock mechanic Glen Daniels is used to dealing with transmission trouble. But after a showdown at his shop last weekend, he has some legal trouble.

Daniels is a familiar least to Seven-On-Your-Side.

It was just over 12 years ago when we did our first report on Glen Daniels. We've done a half-dozen more since then featuring customers upset about poor transmission repairs or the slow pace of repairs.

That's where this story begins as well.

Glen Daniels is dressed for work Monday morning but is arriving for court...Little Rock District Court.

Daniels faces a felony first degree battery charge after an altercation at his transmission repair shop last weekend.

The customer in question is Quintin Moore...a guy most people look up to, if not for his character then for his size.

Moore is 6' 8", 395 pounds.

Despite his size, Moore says Daniels got agitated and started pushing him when he went to pick up his truck last weekend.

"(Daniels) Came up and started pushing me in my chest again," recalls Moore. "I pushed him away from me. He falls down. He gets up...and he pulls his gun out. So while he is fiddling with the safety I'm saying 'Really, you're going to shoot me? Really? Over my transmission not being fixed. You did this and you're going to shoot me?' So he's fiddling with it trying to get the safety off...he aims it at me and he fires."

The bullet hit Moore in the chin, traveled along his jaw line and exited out the back of his neck.

Daniels exited court without comment.

Soon he was back at his repair shop off Mabelvale Pike near Asher Avenue in Little Rock, waving to our cameras.

"He shot my husband and he shot him in the face," says Miekal Brown. "My husband couldn't be here. I could be a widow right now. I could be making arrangements right now....over a transmission? It's unfathomable to me."

All that happened today in court was the case got transferred to circuit court because it is a felony.

Air date: May 6th, 2013