Prostate cancer awareness being raised by running marathons

It kills more men than breast cancer kills women and yet it's not talked about nearly as often. We're talking about prostate cancer. And it'll likely affect someone you know if it hasn't already.

Brenda Stallings loves to run but now she's running with reason.

"September is prostate cancer awareness month. Also my birthday month and my grandfather's birthday month. So I just thought the combination was just divine for lack of a better word," said Stallings about signing up for her next marathon during the month of September.

Brenda lost her grandfather to prostate cancer.

"I think at the time I really didn't know what kind of cancer. I just knew it was cancer because no one really wanted to talk about it," said Stallings.

So that's why Brenda is raising money and awareness for prostate cancer with some hefty goals. She plans to run a half-marathon in all fifty states, she already has done 27, and a full marathon in all seven continents. She's heading to Paris, France next April.{}{}

The chairman of the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation, and survivor, says he's thankful for those like Brenda trying to help educate others.

"If it's identified early, it is curable and it can extend your life span. I'm an example of that," said Michael Desselle.

Michael was only 46 when diagnosed.

"His doctor just decided on his own that he was going to start testing men at 40," said Michael's wife Susan Desselle. "And we were fortunate. Michael wouldn't have made it to 50 without it. Or maybe not even 47 his was so aggressive."

That's why Michael and Susan are also on a mission to let everyone know that one in six men will get it and one in three African American men will get it.

"My hope for the future is that prostate cancer awareness among men is just as visible as it is for the Komen effort for breast cancer for women," said Michael.

By the{}way, Brenda says there's a two-year waiting list for the marathon in Antarctica because there's only one week when it's even possible to do.

Click here to learn more about the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation and a fundraiser called Rockin Bow tie Affair on Thursday, June 12.