Prostate cancer awareness month

When it comes to prostate cancer in Arkansas the stats are not good. But what is encouraging is that more and more men are getting screened so that they can beat the disease before they become another statistic.

"The great thing about prostate cancer is that if caught early, you have an opportunity to have it be completely curable," said the executive director of the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation Lauren Talbot.

But the bad news is that Arkansas has the fifth highest mortality rate when it some to prostate cancer.

One in six men will be diagnosed with the disease and it'll get one in three African American men.

That's why the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation is trying to get the word out about how easy the screening process is.

"The first part's the PSA which is prostate specific antigen. It's a simple blood test. They take a little blood out of the cuff of your arm," said Talbot. "And then the second part of the test is the DRE which is the digital rectal exam and that's where they actually feel your prostate for any abnormalities in size or texture."

The foundation says all men after the age of 40 should be screened every year but if you have a family history or are African American earlier is safer.

"The really unfortunate thing about prostate cancer is that there are no signs and symptoms in early stage. If you wait until you have the signs or symptoms you've probably waited until the prostate cancer has spread throughout your body or at least outside the prostate," said Talbot.

September is prostate cancer awareness month.

Click here for more information about the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation.