Pryor and Cotton want canceled insurance policies grandfathered into ACA

Senator Mark Pryor and Representative Tom Cotton are running against each other for a Senate seat in 2014, but Friday, they sounded more like teammates than opponents when asked what should be done for folks set to lose their insurance because it doesn't provide a high enough level of coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
"In terms of grandfathering people in, to me that's a common sense way to do that," said Pryor.
Pryor, who spoke at UALR about helping veterans become entrepreneurs, said he spoke to President Barack Obama about that very issue. Pryor has signed on to a Senate bill that would grandfather in those losing their insurance.
Representative Tom Cotton, who was in Pine Bluff to donate the salary he collected during the shutdown to charity, signed on to a House bill that would also allow folks to keep their policies.
"I supported legislation that would grandfather all current insurance plans in and ensure that health insurance cost don't continue to go up as we're already seeing in the marketplace," said Cotton.
Arkansans will not be impacted immediately by the loss because the state insurance exchange has taken steps to delay the cancellation during 2014, but Cotton doesn't want Congress to wait.
"Unless we take action in Congress to insure that those policies can continue, then over 50,000 Arkansans are going to lose their policies," said Cotton.
Pryor wants to see a vote on the legislation in the Senate. He said that the five percent of folks impacted deserve to have that promise kept.
"This law is far from perfect, but it's the law of the land, and so, I've always said on the things that aren't working, I will work to fix those," said Pryor.