Pryor, Cotton campaign together for Keystone XL Pipeline

Little Rock (KATV)-Sen. Mark Pryor and his challenger Cong. Tom Cotton don't agree on many issues, but Monday the two came together to tour Little Rock company Welspun Pipes Inc. and voice their support for the Keystone XL pipeline.{}The challengers shook hands, but took separate tours of one of the facilities. Welspun has produced and coated 700 miles of what would be the Keystone Pipeline, delayed for five years and put on hold again last month after the Obama administration extended the comment period.{}Both Pryor and Cotton detested the delay. The two loaded onto a bus with local politicians, Cong. Tim Griffin and media to take a driving tour of a shutdown facility, where 120 jobs have been lost. Cotton sat in the back of the bus, while Pryor sat in the front on the ride to see the pipeline pieces, sitting in waiting on acres of land. The challengers did not speak, but stood side by side at a press conference.{}"From my standpoint, this project is really a no-brainer," said Pryor, "It's going to meet American environmental standards, it's gonna create American jobs, it's going to lessen our dependence on overseas oil."Pryor added that from the "very beginning" he's been in a different place than the president on the issue and also said he hopes to vote on it this week. The pipeline measure was going to be added to an energy efficiency bill to be voted on Monday, but was blocked by Majority Leader Harry Reid, who called for a separate vote for the project. Pryor was immediately flying back to Washington, D.C. for votes.{}Cotton also voiced his support for pipeline and hit the Obama administration for the delays.{}"The Keystone Pipeline quite simply means jobs and growth and opportunity for Arkansas' economy," Cotton said, "That's why in the House of Representatives, Tim Griffin, and I, Rick Crawford, Steve Womack, have joined in a bipartisan measure to approve the Keystone Pipeline and get this pipeline built so we can stop the administration's ideological foot dragging, placating its most left-wing allies."{}