Pryor "moved" by President Obama's visit

(KATV)-When Sen. Mark Pryor announced President Obama {}accepted his invitation to Arkansas, many questioned how that would fair as his reelection hangs in the balance. In a recent poll, 62 percent of Arkansans said they disapproved of the president. But in an interview with Channel 7 News Wednesday, Pryor said it doesn't matter. "That's what I told the president, I said, 'It's time for us to put away the red jersey, put away the blue jersey and put on the red white and blue. You know, lets help these people rebuild. I think he was moved by that. I know I've been moved by that.," Pryor said, as he choked up, visibly emotional from his tour with the president. Pryor said after talking with families and seeing the true devastation and lives lost, he has no time for any political talk except for help for his constituents. "When you go through something like this, you see how petty all those politics are in Washington and you see how small that hyper-partisanship is there and you know, people around the country are sick of that and I'm sick of that," Pryor said. "You come to something like this, and there's just no time for that." After Pryor's helicopter ride to Vilonia, he stopped by the city of Mayflower for a visit. He said the president was surprised during the helicopter ride at the destructive nature of the tornado. Pryor said he was glad he invited the president to see first-hand why they need aide. "To me this is not about politics, but it is about the basic service government can provide. This is not just neighbor helping neighbor, it's the country helping our state in this time. And we don't ask very often," Pryor said, "This is why when the other bills come up about funding disasters, I{} always vote to do that, even though sometimes it's hard to find the money, sometimes there's a sacrifice to do it, but you got to do it because I know sometime it will come back around and it will be our turn to ask."{}