Pryor responds to Cotton ad

Eric Cooper

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Mark Pryor's re-election campaign responded to Rep. Tom Cotton's first television ad with an ad of their own Tuesday.

Cotton's campaign on Saturday began airing a 30-second television spot in the Little Rock area accusing Pryor of exempting Congress from the federal health care law. Pryor's response argues that the claims in Cotton's ad are baseless.

"Only Congressman Cotton is arrogant enough to think that Arkansans won't see his blatantly false political attack for what it is: a weak attempt to distract from his irresponsible votes to gut Social Security and Medicare, kill the Farm Bill and end affordable student loans on behalf of his Washington special interest handlers," said Jeff Weaver, Pryor's campaign manager.

The debate centers on a part of the 2010 law that requires members of Congress and their staff to purchase insurance through the exchanges set up under the overhaul. The federal government has proposed that it continue paying the employer contribution it currently makes for them.

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