Pryor touts Medicare bill, expects vote Wednesday

A bill from Senator Mark Pryor would lock in certain characteristics of the Medicare system. That bill is expected to be brought up for a vote Wednesday in Washington.

The "Medicare Protection Act" is an attempt to keep the government health insurance program for seniors from being privatized or turned into a voucher program. It would also keep the age requirement from being raised, and keep payments from being lowered. It's an election year proposal, that Pryor is hopeful, but not necessarily confident, of passing. "I don't know yet. I want this to be a bi-partisan vote if we can get it there. It's a hyper partisan environment right now, but this is a bill I never thought I'd have to offer, because I always thought that Medicare was safe," said Sen. Pryor.

Pryor has accused Republican Congressman Tom Cotton, who is running against him for his senate seat, of voting to turn Medicare into a voucher program, and to raise the minimum age requirement. The Cotton campaign responded with a statement via e-mail : "Senator Pryor doesn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to Medicare, because he cut Medicare by $716 billion to pay for Obamacare, including over $200 billion in cuts to Medicare advantage, which more than 105,000 Arkansas seniors rely on."