Mark Pryor turns to the Bible in new campaign ad

(KATV) Sen. Mark Pryor is out with a new TV ad offering a Biblical solution to the already heated 2014 Senate race in Arkansas.

Pryor's campaign said the ad will begin airing on Wednesday. In the 30 second ad, Pryor speaks directly to the camera about his faith in the Bible. The ad is a substantial purchase for the campaign and will run statewide.

"I'm not ashamed to say that I believe in God, and I believe in His word. The Bible teaches us no one has all the answers. Only God does. And neither political party is always right," Pryor says in the ad. "This is my compass. My North Star. It gives me comfort and guidance to do what's best for Arkansas."

Pryor ends the ad saying he supports the message because "This is who I am, and what I believe."

Pryor is considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the country, partly because of his party line support of the Affordable Care Act and as his campaign is forced to deal with low approval numbers of Pres. Obama in Arkansas. {}

The botched rollout of the ACA came with major web site problems on Last month, President Obama called a press conference after millions of Americans were in jeopardy of losing their current insurance, even though it was promised they would not. Pres. Obama said the problematic rollout may have hurt those running in 2014.

"There is no doubt that our failure to roll out the ACA smoothly has put a burden on Democrats, whether they're running or not, because they stood up and supported this effort through thick and thin, and, you know, I feel deeply responsible for making it harder for them rather than easier for them to continue to promote the core values," Pres. Obama said in a Nov. 14 press conference. {}

Pryor is facing Republican Congressman Tom Cotton, who is vacating his seat in the 4th congressional district. Though Cotton's campaign will continue to press upon Obamacare, Pryor's campaign has recently changed the narrative in the state to reach the more than half a million seniors receiving Medicare. Pryor's campaign ran an ad hitting Cotton over his support to turn Medicare into a voucher system and raise the eligibility age to 70, spurring Cotton to respond.{}

And just as Pryor's ad takes a softer approach this month, Cotton was out with a new ad last week with a message about his military service. Both ads notably have drastic modifications in tone and content for the holiday season.

Cotton's latest ad features his mother, Avis Cotton, in front of a setting of stockings and a Christmas tree. The ad is only airing in the Jonesboro market, but his campaign told Channel 7 News they are considering airing it in other markets throughout the month.

Pryor's ad saying "neither political party is always right" plays closely with his recent stance in the Senate, voting against his party and with Republicans against the nuclear option in the Senate. {}Pryor was one of three Democrats who parted with his party on that issue.



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