Public housing residents losing their cool

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -Arkansas law doesn't offer renters much help when a landlord refuses to fix something.But those who manage public or government housing are held to a higher standard. Residents at one North Little Rock complex say that standard is not being met. Arkansas enjoyed the coolest July on record, but we seem to be paying for it in August. And those who live at Bowker apartments say they are paying a higher price than most. Many of society's most vulnerable...the elderly and the Bowker apartments home. Lately many of those residents have been both hot...and bothered. "This week has been rough." "Yes it's been rough," says resident Barron Coleman. "This weekend was rough?" "Yes," says Coleman. "95 or's been rough.""I don't have air conditioning half of the time," says resident Genevieve Hickey. "I have COPD and asthma. I live in misery."Special parts need to be ordered to fix the air conditioning unit that serves the people who live here. The people who live here say they have heard that before. "They tell us that all the time," says resident Timothy Brown. "They tell us that all the time. They've been fixing that thing ever since I've lived here. And it ain't fixed yet.""It is 90-something degrees in my apartment," says resident Patricia Hamby. "Been like that for the last four days...five days."It would be nice if once the temperatures fall, the complaints would fall too. But that hasn't been the case. "In the wintertime it was no heat," says resident Donna Kay Gardner. "And I got a bad cold...practically pneumonia. The lady down the hall got pneumonia."The North Little Rock Housing Authority is offering to put up residents in a hotel to help get them out of the heat while repairs are underway. How long it will take to get Bowker apartments consistently cooled is still unknown. Air date: August 25th, 2014