Flu Clinic Thursday in Pulaski County

(KATV) The Arkansas Department of Health encourages everyone over 6 months of age to get{}a flu vaccine.{}Pregnant women, people 65 years or older, children under the age of five and{}people with chronic conditions such as asthma, COPD, heart disease or weakened{}immune systems are at high risk from flu-related complications and are encouraged to{}get a flu vaccine.

There is a $30.00 fee for flu vaccines. Please bring private insurance, Medicare,{}Medicaid or ARKids First information so that ADH can file your insurance for you. ADH{}does not refuse service to anyone who doesn't have insurance or the ability to pay the{}fee.

Pulaski County Central Health Unit is located at 3915 W. 8th{}Street in Little Rock. The{}Flu Clinic will be held Thursday, Jan. 17 from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.


We're seeing less flu in the United States, but it is spread out more.

Geographically it has spread to more locations. Two weeks ago, 41 states were seeing widespread activity. Now, six more states - 47 total - say they're seeing flu in various regions of their state, according to new numbers released Friday morning by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A CDC official says the numbers are the mark of a "classic flu epidemic."

Here in Arkansas, flu cases have blanketed the state. There's no clear indication that the outbreak is on the decline and the surge in influenza cases has had an effect on drug and vaccine supplies across the U.S.

Arkansas hasn't experienced the shortage, even lack of Tamiflu and vaccines other states are feeling, but pharmacies have been informed of a delay in shipments for the liquid form of children's Tamiflu. Kammy Krisell says, "But there is a way we can compound capsules for the adults as a substitute." Krisell owns Corner Stone Pharmacy on JFK in North Little Rock

If you catch the symptoms in the first 48-hours, doctors can prescribe certain medication that can help shorten the number of days you're sick. Also, for tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing, you need to consider going to the doctor because pneumonia could be setting in.

Ed Barham with the Arkansas Department of Health, nine people, including one child, have died from the virus this flu season. In 2009, 54 people died from the flu in Arkansas. But it's difficult to measure, because the flu isn't always listed as cause of death on a death certificate. So the number could actually be higher. Barham says there are no particular hot spots for the flu across the state but called the outbreak "even and steady and bad."

It is not too late to get a vaccine. For the story on the effectiveness on the flu vaccine, click here.