Pulaski County Jail Closes until overcrowding issues are handled

PULASKI COUNTY (KATV)--The Pulaski County Jail remains closed and overcrowding is to blame.{}Sheriff Doc Holladay shut its doors about two weeks ago, and there's still no word on when they'll opening again. For the past few months, the county jail has been operating at over capacity. At last count on Thursday 1,188 inmates occupied the Pulaski County Jail; its capacity is 1,210. While this count was below capacity, that hasn't been the case for the past few months. "It's gotten to the point where we are running 1,300 plus, not only is that hard on us financially as far as we are not funded to hold that many, we actually don't have the bed space for them," said Lt. Carl Minden, Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. Now they're only accepting inmates who are part of the "A List", which includes capital murder, arson and burglary.{}Those committing crimes on the "B List", such as possession of marijuana or theft of property will most likely walk away because there is just no room to keep them. "They'll still go ahead and book you in, fingerprint you, do the normal things, but then it's going to fall back on the arresting agency to actually hold on to you," said Lt. Minden. "They can either cite you out, "babysit" you until you're able to bond out, it's on them." Unless they see a consistent number of days where they're operating under capacity they will not re-open, said Minden. He adds, the big part of the problem is that up to 40 percent of inmates they house are awaiting transfers to the Arkansas Department of Corrections which is also overcrowded.
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