Pulaski County residents frustrated with slow moving debris removal

The debris piles in Western Pulaski County aren't getting any smaller, and the tornado victims say they're frustrated because of the lack of assistance. Around 12 homeowners on the private road of Deer Park Dr. have separated their debris in different piles, but aren't allowed to burn them. Instead they were told to drop them off at a dumpster about a half mile down the road. Pulaski County judge Buddy Villines says it's illegal for the county to spend money cleaning up debris on the private property because they could damage property. But residents in that neighborhood say the tornado did enough damage, they just want life to get back to normal. "It's really frustrating because, we've got our hand tied right now, obviously we can't do anything, even if we have 1000 volunteers. They can only do so much," said Joel Martin, who lives on Deer Park Dr. Residents have reached out to Govenor Beebe's office and State Senator David Sanders to help clean up West Pulaski County.