Qualified, Not Certified

In addition to helping his community adapt to life after the oil spill, Mayflower's top cop has another important duty on his plate.

Mayflower Police Chief Robert Satkowski has been on the job since February 2nd.

Satkowski may be the most qualified small town police chief in the state.

But...he is not a certified police chief.

We caught up with Chief Satkowski as he spent another part of another day inside Northwoods subdivision.

Chief Satkowski has 37 years of law enforcement experience that includes stints with the military, the FBI, the Criminal Justice Institute and Arkansas Law Enforcement Standards and Training.

That is the agency that certifies officers and police chiefs.

And that is the agency still waiting to certify Satkowski.

"You were at the standards for seven years so you probably know there is 10 days from when you start a job to get your F-1 in."

"Correct," says Chief Satkowski.

"Your F-1 is not in."

"Correct," says Satkowski.

An F-1 is a two-page initial employment report.

It states that the candidate in question has completed a background check, mental evaluation, physical, fingerprinting, has produced a birth certificate and met a few other basic requirements.

Until you turn in your F-1, you are not certified to do the matter how well you do it.

Satkowski says his priority has been to get to know his officers and his community.

"It was my duty to get to know them and get to know the town. I was clearly aware of the stipulations of the F-1," says Chief Satkowski. "And I fully intend to comply. And as soon as I can get it in I will."

Chief Satkowski says the mayor brought this situation to his attention yesterday after we raised the issue on Wednesday.

The chief says the paperwork will be in very soon.

Not being certified does not nullify or call into question any of the decisions or actions Chief Satkowski has taken since taking the job.

Air date: April 12th, 2013