Questionable expenses from Bryant police chief

BRYANT (KATV) - The receipt looks like any other, even the name, O.C. Food and Beverage, wouldn't sound any alarms, but folks in the Orlando area know the restaurant in question by a different name, Rachel's Adult Entertainment and Steakhouse.

Bryant Police Chief Mark Kizer turned in this expense receipt to the city, and now, some are accusing him of violating city policy.

"It was brought to light first of this week and has been looked at since then," said City Attorney Chris Madison.

Kizer said he hasn't been notified about any investigation into his spending. He also said, there's a simple explanation. He and the other officer, Lee Ledbetter, asked the concierge where they could get a good meal and Rachel's was recommended.

The chief also said his receipt tells the real story. Rachel's has two rooms, a dining hall and a strip club. Kizer insisted he was in the dining hall and his server was a middle aged man who is identified on the receipt as David. He also said the only thing he purchased was a steak and potato, and the atmosphere in that room was, "Less provocative than Hooters."

Human resources is looking into Kizer's story, but the city attorney says regardless of what actually happened inside the building, it may come down to appearances

"Just a matter of what the image of it looks like. Obviously, it's significant enough that it's a personnel matter so we're looking at it."

The chief did eat at several other restaurants that week. We have receipts from Bonefish Grill, Olive Garden and Margaritaville. There's no timeline on this investigation.

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