Quitting the club

HOT SPRINGS (KATV) -It is usually much easier to join a fitness club than it is to quit a fitness club. One Hot Springs woman says her desire to leave a 24 hour center has resulted in close to $250.00 in charges.Everyone involved in this case agrees that a written letter was required for Kylie Harrison to quit her fitness club. That's where any agreement ends.Last spring when Harrison was looking for a fitness club in Hot Springs, Pulse Premier Fitness met all her needs. Lots of treadmills, no long contracts, and a reasonable price...$10 a month...$20 if you add tanning. Harrison used the club for about a year. Then her circumstances changed. "Life got busier, I was in the process of moving into an apartment," says Harrison. "So...I wrote the first letter and I sent it. And I got another withdrawal out of my account the next month. And I called them and they said well we never received a letter."Harrison says she hand delivered a letter to the Hot Springs location only to be told it had to be mailed to Bryant. She says she sent another letter and put a block on her account preventing any future withdrawals. That block resulted in insufficient funds charges, late fees, billing fees.Three months later her bill is now up to $235.25."It's just not right," says Harrison. "We're trying. We've got a young child...I'm pregnant. And I really can't afford to keep paying for something that I tried to put a stop to fair and square a long time ago."Harrison says she can't prove she sent cancellation letters and the owner of Pulse Premier Fitness says no letter from Harrison has been received. If you are going to use a letter to quit a club you should send it certified mail. Last month Pulse Premier Fitness started giving its 1,000+ members in Hot Springs and Bryant the option to cancel by phone. Air date: September 4th, 2014