Race to register voters

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (CNN) - The deadline to register to vote in many states, including Arkansas, is Tuesday. If you're not registered by then, you can't vote in November's presidential election.

"Sometimes I get sad because people tell me, you know, 'I don't want to vote. I don't like voting'," said Jessinia Fernandez. "It's, like, frustrating sometimes that they do have the right and they can vote they just don't want to vote."

Fernandez works for the Florida Immigrant Coalition, one of a plethora of organizations - some partisan, some not - engaged in a last-minute swing state signing race to register voters.

Part of her frustration comes from the fact that she is a "Dreamer" - illegally brought by her parents to the United States as a child. She still is not a legal citizen, and so cannot vote herself though she wishes she could.

Since Florida's August primary, more than 133,000 citizens have been registered in that state.

"I'm looking in the future like ten years down the line," said recently-registered voter Jonathan Colon. "Like, whatever they can do to make their four years count is what I really want."

There can be a darker side to voter registration. Palm Beach County, Florida, Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher discovered discrepancies - signatures that looked the same and addresses that didn't appear right on more than 100 registration forms.

"We just haven't ever experienced this kind of issue with the registration forms and so that's got us a little disconcerted," she said.

The company at the center of what is now a statewide investigation, Strategic Allied Consulting, hired by the Republican Party to register voters has since been fired. Strategic insists the problem was with one individual and that it maintains rigorous quality control measures.

Arkansas' deadline to register for November's elections is also Tuesday. If you registered for a previous election, you do not have to re-register. Click here to learn more about the registration process, find out where you can register or make sure you are registered.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.