Raccoons needed for Gillett Coon Supper

GILLETT (KATV) - The famed Gillett Coon Supper is about one month away but there's a shortage of the main entree, and organizers are willing to fork over some cash to be ready for the big crowds.

The Coon Supper has been steadily growing since it started in 1947. Even with a population of around just 1,000, the Coon Supper draws more than 1,200 people each year.

With that growth comes a higher demand for raccoons. Organizers still need 200 pounds of raccoons, so they've turned to their biggest fans for help. In return, you'll get $1.60 for each coon you bring in.

The only catch is that it MUST be a racoon - organizers say they've had problems with people bringing in other animals, trying to pass them off as raccoons.. They ask that you keep at least one leg on the animal so it can more easily be identified as a coon.

Aside from helping to feed hundreds of people, the event brings the community together with politicians. Also, proceeds help pay for the busses that take students who would be in the Gillett School District to their schools in Dewitt.

As always, the Coon Supper will be held on the second weekend of January. For more information, call (870) 946-3535.