Rain or shine, the Oaklawn Racing season is underway

HOT SPRINGS (KATV)--Despitethe rain ... opening day at Oaklawn Racing was a success.

Ifyou remember last year, the rain closed down the track the Saturday and Sundayof opening weekend, but this year Oaklawn officials say they were betterprepared for the rain.

OaklawnSpokesperson, Jennifer Hoyt, said it was issues with the drainage system thatcaused them to close in 2013, along with more than three inches of rainfall.

Hoytsaid, over the summer they fixed those issues to be better prepared for copiousamounts of rain.

Rainor shine, the thousands expected to come for Oaklawn Racing's first day of theseason came in full force to the tune of nearly 15,000 people.

"We got umbrellas, got people that can drop usoff, cabs that can drop you off at the front door ... you got gambling in yourblood... you're there," said Houston, Texas resident Nancy Brown.

"It'sa race on the road to the Derby and that's what people come for, it's a goodrace track, fun, corned beef sandwiches for the people that like them," said horseracing fan Lynda Harrison.

Itwas all hands on deck, as 15 track maintenance workers tried to minimize thepuddles in between races.

"They'regoing around several times, and what they're doing they're harrowing the trackand they're pushing as much of that water out of the surface as they can,"added Hoyt.