Rally advocates legalizing all drugs, more protestors than supporters attend

CLINTON (KATV) - A rally calling for the legalization of all drugs draws more protestors than it does attendees at its first event in Van Buren County today.

The national organization called{}LEAP held the rally in Clinton early Monday evening. Although there were barely any supporters who attended, there were more than enough for some heated exchanges.

This rally is calling for the legalization and regulation of all drugs, everything from marijuana to cocaine. The controversy surrounding the proposal drew quite the passionate crowd just not inside of the venue.

"We don't want this crap legal in Van Buren Arkansas and we don't even want this group in Van Buren County,"yelled a local pastor.{}"It'd be better off for the six people in there just to pack up and move to Colorado where it is legal."

It's a movement that got anything but a warm welcome from residents here in Van Buren County.

"Drugs are far easier to get than they were 40 years ago so that's a failure of public policy under any estimation," said Terry Nelson with LEAP and also a former federal agent. "That's just a failed public policy and it needs to change."

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition or{}LEAP{}is rallying for states to legalize all drugs so that they can be regulated with the theory that it'll be harder to access, possibly saving lives and according to them, millions of tax payer dollars. But with only six attendees it was apparent most residents weren't buying it.

"The anti-drug campaign seems to be working quite well because there's more law enforcement and protestors outside than there are folks who want to get educated inside," said Robert Reed, the event organizer.

Even the two candidates running for Van Buren County sheriff found common ground opposing the issue.

"If it's readily available in various places in town, kids are going to get a hold of it," said Lucas Emberton, a candidate.

"They lose their mind, they lose everything they own. It totally ruins their whole lives. How in the world could anybody want to make that legal?" said Van Buren County Sheriff Scott Bradley. "I just think it's absurd."