Rap Concert Refund Request


Two tickets to the concert of an up-and-coming rapper turned into a double disappointment.

Despite a couple dozen security guards and a handful of police officers, things still got a little out-of-hand outside a Little Rock rap concert last month.

His name is DeQuantes Lamar. But his fans know him as Rich Homie Quan.

The young Atlanta rapper made a stop in Little Rock last month and the younger cousin of North Little Rock's Mercedes Goodlow drove over from Memphis to see the show.

"It was a group of girls...some girls out of Pine Bluff as well as her," says Goodlow. "And she traveled here and they got a room and was planning to go out. But they never got in."

Goodlow says the crowd lined up outside the Clear Channel Metroplex was large, impatient and became unruly.

So police and security guards stopped letting anyone in. About 30 minutes later order was restored, those with tickets were admitted and the concert went on.

But by that time Goodlow's cousin and her friends had already left.

Thinking the concert had been canceled, she returned her two unused tickets to Goodlow.

"I took 'em back," says Goodlow. "And that's where it went bad. The guy who I bought them from...the same person I purchased them from...told me that you had to contact the Metroplex to reach the promoters. But the numbers they give you for the Metroplex are some numbers that after you call them once it's like you're blocked. So you never get through to anybody. And these tickets were expensive."

Goodlow paid $112.00 cash for the pair of tickets. Even though the tickets say "No refunds," she wants a refund anyway.

The only problem, as she stated, she hasn't been able to find the promoters to ask for one.

Air date: April 18th, 2014